PPD's history

  • Prvo plinarsko društvo (PPD) was founded in 2001 through the cooperation of Croatian and foreign investors.
  • By 2006 PPD's natural gas distribution network was completed in the Vukovar area, as well as in nine surrounding municipalities.
  • In 2010 Energia Naturalis became the owner of PPD, thus making PPD a company that is exclusively in Croatian ownership. This was followed by a restructuring after which PPD began intensive preparations for opening the market for natural gas.
  • In November 2011, PPD signed a contract with the Zagreb City Gasworks supply division, the supplier for the distribution system in the city of Zagreb and its surroundings. Deliveries began on January 1st 2012, marking the true liberalisation of the Croatian natural gas market.
  • The following years were marked by significant investment in human and technical resources.
  • Today, PPD is one of the most significant companies on the natural gas market and the largest importer of natural gas in the Republic of Croatia, supplying natural gas to the largest buyers.