Prvo plinarsko društvo d.o.o. BiH (PPD - Bosnia and Herzegovina) was founded with the aim of trading in and distributing petroleum, petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

One of the main activities of Prvo plinarsko društvo d.o.o. BiH is the procurement and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas to end-users.

The company presently has 200 cubic metres of storage space for LPG and a truck tanker for the transport of LPG.

In the future we plan to increase storage capacity through the building of our own infrastructure for storing petroleum and petroleum products, namely for tanks for storing petroleum products and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).



Trade in oil and petroleum products

The price of petroleum products depends on a number of factors like: the state of the economy (global and local), weather conditions, value of the shares (rise or fall) of oil companies and other companies in the oil sector.

Trade in gas

Liquefied gas is the lightest petroleum product, and it consists of mixture of propane and butane. As such it needs to be refined in order to remove corrosive sulphur compounds, and after refining it can be place on the market.

PPD BiH is part of the Energia Naturalis (ENNA) Group, which manages some twenty companies within the group. The ENNA Group is characterised by a broad spectrum of operations – from the distribution and supply of natural gas, renewable energy sources, petroleum products, information and communication technologies, all the way to investment projects and transport.

At the core of the ENNA Group is PPD, which is involved in the import, sale, supply and distribution of natural gas and has its headquarters in Croatia and subsidiaries in Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia, through which it operates throughout Europe. It has nurtured cooperation with strong international partners and secured storage capacity in Croatia and abroad, bringing security and reliability with respect to natural gas supply both to the Croatian and to regional markets. PPD's customers are the largest business and industrial users and the largest suppliers in the distribution areas. PPD imports natural gas to both of Croatia's interconnectors (Rogatec and Drávaszerdahely) is the exclusive owner of the distribution network in the region.PPD is the sole owner of and manages, maintains and develops 600 kilometres of the gas distribution network in the region of east Croatia.

The group also includes the PPD Transport Company, the first private Croatian rail cargo carrier. PPD Transport owns the most modern locomotives in Europe, thus guaranteeing the quality and reliability of service. This company, too, is successful in expanding its business in Croatia and the region.
The group is also the owner of 25 per cent of the share of the Port of Ploče, one of the most significant strategic deep-water ports in the central Adriatic. In the Port of Ploče ENNA has completed the first stage of the petroleum products terminal, which it continued to develop as ATT – the Adriatic Tank Terminal.

The Energia Naturalis Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the region. The port, railways and storage capacity make it a very serious and integrate logistics operator, unique in the region, where it is also one of the leading investors.